...A Christian Daycare and Preschool


"Providing quality education while teaching basic Christian values."


Bright Beginnings Christian Daycare and Preschool's purpose is to teach and follow basic Christian values, along with providing early care and education. We are affiliated with United Way and 4-C. In 2011, Bright Beginnings was awarded Sauk Valley Reader's Choice Award for best area daycare first place.

Admission Policy

All children are welcome to enroll at Bright Beginnings Christian Daycare and Preschool. It is our policy that Bright Beginnings does not discriminate against any sex, race, religion, or creed.


The center is licensed to provide services to children ages 6 weeks to 12 years through the Illinois Department of Children and Family services. This agency regulates the care we provide and reviews our program through unannounced visits and regularly scheduled re-licensing visits. We are required to meet their standards for staffing, discipline, health, safety, curriculum, equipment and materials, nutrition, transportation, records, and reports.

Quality Rating and Improvement System

ExceleRate Illinois is a statewide quality rating and improvement system designed to make continuous quality improvements an everyday priority among early learning providers. The program establishes standards for helping infants, toddlers, and preschool age children develop intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally. It provides a framework for early learning professionals to identify opportunities for improvement, increase their skills and take steps to make positive changes. ExceleRate Illinois also recognizes early learning providers for their ongoing efforts to improve the quality of their care by awarding Circle of Quality designations:

The Bronze Circle of Quality recognizes the qualifications of program staff

It tells you that the program has completed ExceleRate Illinois trainings, have met qualifications and are engaged in continuous quality improvement.

The Silver circle of Quality reognizes that the program has met quality goals

Silver circle programs meet or go beyond quality standards in three areas: learning environment and teaching quality, administrative standards, training, and education. Programs are actively engaged in continuous quality improvement.

Bright Beginnings is proud to be rated at the Bronze Circle level. We are currently working toward the Silver Circle of Quality.

Special Occasions

Birthdays and holidays are special occasions for children. If you would like to celebrate your child’s birthday with the class, please speak to the teachers to let them know your plans. Only commercially prepared and wrapped food items are allowed.

Food Items

Due to DCFS licensing regulations, safety concerns, and a sense of fairness to all children, neither parents nor children are permitted to bring food or drink items into the center. Children are given snacks, drinks, and meals throughout the day. The only exceptions are for special occasions (see above). If food replacement is necessary for medical reasons, a doctor’s note is required and parents will need to supply the replacement food.

Field Trips

Occasionally, we may go on field trips to enhance a unit of study or break up a routine. We are able to use the Immanuel Lutheran van for transportation, as well as any personal vehicles needed. Parents are encouraged to attend with the group to share the experience and to help supervise. Upon enrollment, parents should fill out a release form pertaining to these trips. Notices will be sent home prior to field trips. They will also be posted outside the classroom. Parents assisting with transport will need to leave a copy of their driver’s license and necessary paperwork. Please contact the office if you are going to attend your child’s field trip to make sure this is in order.

Your child’s teacher will check her class out on the dry erase board located by the kitchen in the event that they leave for a trip to the park, or a short walk, or a field trip.


Communication can be accomplished in many ways. Your child will receive a daily report written by the teacher on how the day went. Please make direct contact with the teacher when picking up and dropping off your child so that we see your child arrive and depart – this is for safety reasons and promotes positive communication. Please visit with your child’s teacher about any concerns you have and to work on a consistent plan of action to better assist with your child’s behavior and development. Please remember that children have ears! Some items may need more privacy for discussion. Parents and teachers alike are responsible for maintaining discretion. Feel free to talk to the Director if you feel that something needs more attention. We encourage questions and suggestions from parents! We will also send home newsletters periodically. Face-to-face contact is best, but not always possible. You may call to schedule an appointment at any time. There will be a bulletin board outside the Director’s office for information and communications from the front office. Please leave a note specifying your needs/requests for the Director if there is no one in the office when you come in. There will be a “mailbox” outside the office for this purpose. Please keep your contact information and designated persons to pick your child updated. Most rooms will also have bulletin board for specific room news and information.


Bright Beginnings will respect your family’s confidentiality. No information about your family or child will be shared without your (written) consent. We also ask that you respect the confidentiality of other families. If you feel that your confidentiality has been compromised, please talk to the Director so that we can improve our efforts and make appropriate amends.

Child Custody

Any situation that results in a question of legal guardianship/authority will result in the need to keep current legal documentation on file. If there is an Order of Protection in place, please provide a picture of the subject for the file. The custodial parent is responsible for getting the child’s tuition paid, even if both parents are court-ordered to pay for it. The custodial parent will need to seek reparations from the court to enforce any default on the other parent’s part. Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.


After attending Bright Beginnings for six months, each family is entitled to one week of vacation per calendar year without paying tuition. A vacation week is equivalent to the child’s attendance days. If a child attends four or five days each week, the child receives five vacation days. Three days of attendance = Three vacation days. Two days of attendance = two vacation days. Please let the office know at least two days in advance for vacation days to take effect.

Referral Bonus

If you refer another family to Bright Beginnings, we will credit your tuition balance for 1 week’s worth of tuition for your oldest enrolled child after the family has attended for 1 month.

Mandated Reporter Status

All staff at Bright Beginnings are mandated reporters by law. This means that suspected abuse of any kind will be reported to the Department of Child and Family Services for investigation. Abuse includes physical, emotional, verbal, and sexual abuse, as well as neglect and failure to protect a child from harm.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Bright Beginnings will not refuse care for any family regardless of race, religion, beliefs, disability, or other differences. Everyone in our facility is entitled to the same rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded to children at the center. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, nationality, or ethnicity in administration or education policies. Please speak to the Director if you believe this policy has been violated.

Christian Practices

Bright Beginnings is a Christian daycare and preschool. We teach non-denominational, Biblical principles. All Children are immersed in a Christian atmosphere, pray before meals and snacks, and participate in Christian artwork, games, and discussion.